About Captain Rex

captain rex

Captain Rex came to Florida from his homeland of Australia in 1992. Rex began sailing on Sydney harbor at the age of six and has worked around boats for most of his life. Captain Rex has sailed all over the world, including the east coast of Australia, the Caribbean, and the east coast of the United States. His travels have also taken him to the Australian Outback, and he lived for more than two years in Africa.

During your cruise the discussion will often turn to navigation and its history, sailing ships of old, Aussi adventures, his time in Africa, and possibly the man Nathaniel Bowditch.

Rex bought the schooner “Nathaniel Bowditch” in 1997 and has been taking great pleasure in sharing his love of sailing with his guests ever since.

About Captain Jessie

captain jessie

As in many seafaring families, children often follow parents in their careers. So it has come to be that Capt. Rex’s daughter Jessie has taken over the helm of the Nathaniel Bowditch. Jessie grew up on boats with her dad, she was often his mate on the Bowditch and other small craft, she gained her own commercial license in 2011 and her sailing and boat handling skills so impressed other employers that they engaged her to operate their boats for the past three years, and she has now decided that she would love to return to our family business and take over the operations of the Nathaniel Bowditch, so we welcome her in our new location in Fort Walton Beach.